Product Descriptions

Safe and reliable

  • High strength engine block, crankshaft and connecting rod structure, and high safety factor ensure the good reliability of the products

  Strong power

  • The high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger, injector, and air valve are optimally matched, with wide power coverage and large torque reserve
  • Low-speed and high-torque design ensures the quick response and fast speed increase of the engines

  Economical and fuel-efficient

  • The engines are featured by four-valve technology, pulse conversion turbocharger, large intake air volume, and sufficient combustion, and the lowest fuel consumption rate can reach 195g/kW•h

  Comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • Large stiffness damping leaf spring shock absorber is adopted, so that vibration is small and noise is low
  • IMO II emission requirements are met

  Strong practicability

  • The turbocharger can realize free end or flywheel end layout to meet the requirements of different ship types

  CW250 Weichai Engine

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